Sunday, 7 February 2010

[GLA - BHX] Architecture Ceilidh

Open to all students, staff and friends.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Group 5 - So far...

MATRIX summarizes the chosen key concepts from previous project to be explored. Mindmap is drawn to transpose these initial IDEAS into site context. 3 aspects were prominent: Regeneration [: The site was simply disused : Transits to be viewed as places vs nodes (ref t.o.d. theories) :]; Sound Acoustics [: Sound can be viewed as a representation of mobility : Site response is in the sound- in the rhythms of the trains, the absence of car traffic noise, etc : Sound/acoustics to be used as strategy :]; Layers [: Layers formed by various modes of transportation as seen in Glasgow site model/analysis : Layers potentially informs the design form: above ground, ground level, tunnels, etc :]. What is the potential of sound as STRATEGY ? All things related to sound was investigated resulting in a split in the approach to the research: 1. Sound as acoustics [Can silence be a form of sound?]; 2. Sound as graph [Glasgow site and Birmingham site depicted in a 'Soundscape'?].

So far.....

Suzanne & Pui San
Group 5

A Polyark Glasgow Birthday Party

At Polyark Glasgow birthday party's we eat cake and discuss gallery layouts!

Happy 22nd Birthday Cameron Young...

Monday, 11 January 2010

Thoughts on a place

In Birmingham, the Car is king!

The former Curzon Street station - Desolate, a mass expanse of concrete, the solidity of which has no purpose, a graveyard to urban decline. Roll up the concrete and reveal the beauty of the earth beneath. It waits to rise from it's suffocation and show the congested city a place of contemplation and urban retreat.

Some sites and sounds...


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The City

The primary organisational components which define modern Birmingham are massive works of civil engineering. This seems to have been the case throughout history. The monolithic Brunel Viaduct, the link to the vast canal system which fed Britain’s industry to the ‘spaghetti junction’. The city has always been a place where the only permanence is movement.

The Site

The site has been grazed by many different forms of transport. Each have left their scars on a once useful site. The potential still exists for the site to again embrace it’s surroundings and allow the city centre to breathe.

Cedric Price

Birmingham’s continuous movement led me to the following C.P. quote in the Winter 2001/02 edition of GlasPaper

“ A progression of patterns but at any one time they are fixed...Lets take a wet sandy beach and you are in a car with patterns on the wheels. After you’ve passed over it the patterns are crisp in the sand. They should be blurred all the time but they are not. the wheel s moving and yet is leaves a static track in the sand, it isn’t a great smear. It leaves a pattern. And that is a moment in time.”


Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Polyark Press

Some press for the Polyark II Glasgow project... The people at Architizer are really interested in our project and have been showcasing it frequently on the home page of their site and Facebook page.

marc cairns

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Thursday, 3 December 2009

birmingham/ the city/ the site

the city

Where is the city, where’s its vibe, what’s its identity? Does it still have a collective sense of being? Do people say things like “I’m proud to be a Brummy”? Or has the name Birmingham, just become the convenient term, for somewhere in the West Midlands?

the site

True, the vandals may have made their mark, yet the homeless still reside there; and the skaters use it as a stunt park even though the developers have claimed it as theirs. So when will you stand up and take note that you could make it what you will and show the same spirit that took the care to build Bridges fit for Roman Empires, canals that go on for miles and pavements lined with decorative brick?

cedric price

A city’s confidence does not reside in the number of skyscrapers and multi-million pound developments it boasts, but rather shines through in the industry and enterprise of the people that make it such an attractive prospect for development.

Similarly a citizen’s pride does not flow from a knowledge of an ever increasing array of retail centres and shops but rather in their hard work and sense of their contribution. (what Cedric Price might have said about Birmingham)

Dele Adeyemo

Friday, 27 November 2009

birmingham / the city / the site

the city

"Not Shit?, A truely captavating, cosmopolitan, multi- cultural city? Embracing a blend of traditional and contemporary living, from its architecture to its eateries and canals. Birmingham is the quintessential modern city...."

the site

“Curzon Park?, a railway viaduct, an area of existence through demolition. A ‘blast zone’ of concrete which highlights an area of war. An area of layers yet to be unearthed, an umbilical between periphery and city for a vision of a new future....?

cedric price

“Technology is the answer....but
what was the question?” Cedric Price, 1998

Steven Byrne

the city / the site /

the city.
Rich with people, but what culture is it rich in? Much joy in walking the streets, great variety of many shops, watching the people watching people. Probably shouldn’t say ‘defeated’ that such buildings like Selfridges is allowed to be pinned on the Birmingham map, but instead, ‘what next?’

the site.
It’s quiet, a pleasant sort of quiet, a step-aside quiet and not a step-away quiet. A quiet that when upon the site one feels not solitude/abandonment but instead like a library within a city. Maybe its the location where its within the 'boundary' of the highways, maybe its because you still hear traces of movement like the sound of trains slowing down and speeding up. This silence is read as an expression of patience and tolerance.

ng pui san